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Heating Group International B.V.


Heating Group International b.v., designs and manufactures electric heating systems (including control panels from our own production) for usage in the (petro-)chemical and offshore industry as well as in general industry, food & beverage and construction. We build most of our products to customer specification. However we do have a full range of standard products too.

Bedrijf Heating Group International B.V.
Adres Bijsterhuizen 5118
Postcode Plaats 6604 LX Wijchen
Land Nederland
Telefoonnummer 024 3434222
Faxnummer 024 3430025
E-mailadres hgi@heatinggroup.eu
Website www.heatinggroup.nl
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company-...
Contactpersoon E-mailadres Telefoonnummer Afdeling Functie
Dhr. Ippel, T.G. tgi@heatinggroup.eu 024 3434227 Managing Director
Dhr. Peters, L.P.H. lp@heatinggroup.eu 024 3434222 Sales & Marketing Manager
Dhr. Dorigo, R. rd@heatinggroup.eu Manager of Operations
Mevr. van Zundert, K. kz@heatinggroup.eu Marketing Manager